Best Restaurant: Bat 17

Hayley Glatter and Tyler Pager, Copy Chief and Editor in Chief

Bat 17 is officially the Franklin Delano Roosevelt of Evanston.

Entering an unprecedented fourth term as the city’s best restaurant, the sandwich powerhouse has surely not grown complacent since first ascending the throne in 2013. Bat 17, 1709 Benson Ave., is home to top-notch finger foods, melt-in-your-mouth burgers and a fully-stocked bar, providing a high-quality meal from start to finish.

For Evanston’s carnivores, the restaurant has options ranging from pastrami and corned beef to chicken and turkey. The real stars of the meat meals, though, are the mouth-watering hamburgers. Whether you’re in the mood for the Acapulco burger’s south of the border flare or the Terminator burger’s massive four pieces of bacon, Bat 17 hits a grand slam. On the veggie front, Bat 17 delivers once again with creative sandwiches like the Funky Monkey and classic salads executed to perfection.

One of Bat 17’s hidden secrets is its breakfast menu. The Blueberry Muffin French Toast is to die for, and their breakfast sandwiches match their quality of their regular fare. The restaurant atmosphere is also not to be overlooked. With two fully stocked bars and the famed beer towers, Bat 17 is the perfect place to watch sporting events with friends.

Despite the somewhat pricey menu, Bat 17 hits the mark with its servings, leaving you more than satisfied and maybe even with some leftovers.

Bat 17 also won Best Sandwich.

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