Best Vegetarian/Vegan: Naf Naf Grill

Marissa Page, Copy Editor

Still a relative new kid on the Evanston dining scene, Naf Naf Grill, 1629 Orrington Ave., has become a staple for Northwestern students since its opening just over a year ago. Although students of all dietary persuasions can enjoy the build-your-own deliciousness at Naf Naf, vegetarian students in particular find good variety and taste at the restaurant.

Assembling a Naf Naf entree is a delicious expedition. You start with the base, four vegetarian options — rice, hummus, pita or salad. Then comes the substance. Of course, you can’t mention Mediterranean vegetarian cuisine without the obvious — falafel. Naf Naf packs your creation with a healthy serving of flavorful, fresh falafel, and then allows you to layer this base with several different unique vegetarian options, from Mediterranean pickles to spicy S’khug sauce. Meals run cheap (around $8-10), making this a satisfying dining experience for both your belly and your budget.

Not only is Naf Naf vegetarian friendly, but its falafel and vegetarian side dishes are also vegan. Its no-fuss menu clearly denotes which of its items are vegetarian/vegan, essentially everything Naf Naf offers other than steak and chicken shawarma. The fresh, simple variety and flavors at Naf Naf make it a great destination for vegheads and carnivores alike.

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