Best Milkshake: Edzo’s

Hayley Glatter, A&E Editor

With its decadent flavor, perfectly fluffy whipped cream and heart-attack-inducing size, the Edzo’s Burger Shop milkshake had this category on lock before voting even began.

Edzo’s, 1571 Sherman Ave., not only packs a serious punch with its truffle fries and burgers, but its milkshakes are the best thing to happen to ice cream since astronauts figured out how to eat sundaes in space. With fab-o flavors like Nutella, coffee and maple, each milkshake maven who walks through Edzo’s’ doors is sure to find a choice to make his or her taste buds sing. And the sheer size of an Edzo’s shake also sets it apart from the competition.

If that wasn’t enough to ensure Edzo’s won the gold in the milkshake category, the restaurant calls its milkshakes “The Five Dollar Milkshake,” which seems to be a nod to “Pulp Fiction.” The drink itself is actually $4.75, but like the delicious shakes Edzo’s serves up, everyone loves a good pop culture reference.

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