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Majority of Northwestern web systems not vulnerable to Heartbleed bug

Jordan Harrison, Assistant Campus Editor

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Northwestern University Information Technology announced Thursday that the majority of its websites and systems, including CAESAR, Blackboard and WildCARDs, are unaffected by a widespread online security flaw called “Heartbleed.” 

To further strengthen NU’s online security, NUIT performed emergency maintenance on wireless networks Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., during which users could expect loss of wireless connection for up 45 minutes.

Heartbleed, discovered Monday, is a worldwide security bug that compromises usernames, passwords and other normally protected online information.

Most online data within the University is secure, so NUIT is not recommending students change their NetID passwords at this time. The organization disclosed a full list of websites and systems that are not vulnerable to the bug.

NUIT also created a test open to community members with the ability to check whether Heartbleed has affected specific server hosts or machines. They also warned that increased “phishing attacks” tend to occur during high-profile security problems, so students should take caution against scam emails.

NUIT Communications Manager Sherry Minton said she recommends students do not use the same password for all online accounts and said her department is currently assessing the vulnerability of departmental IT systems.

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