Blotter: Feb. 27

Ciara McCarthy, City Editor

Vandals spray gang graffiti near Robert Crown Center

The gang graffiti which has plagued Evanston for more than six weeks continued this week after more was reported Monday in central Evanston.

The graffiti was sprayed near the Robert Crown Center, 1701 Main St., with red paint and depicted the word “locos” with a pitchfork pointed down and a die with five dots on it, Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott said. The upside-down pitchfork is a symbol of disrespect toward an opposing gang, the Spanish Gangster Disciples. The die indicates that the vandals were aligned with the Latin Kings. Police believe the graffiti was sprayed by supporters or members of the Locos gang.

Fired employee threatens manager, employee at The Autobarn

A former employee of The Autobarn Evanston threatened his manager and a current employee Tuesday after he was fired, police said.

The man became agitated after he was fired, Parrott said, and threatened his manager and a current employee with bodily harm. The man has been warned not to return to the dealership, 1033 Chicago Ave., Parrott said.

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