Bruno Mars’ halftime show was out of this world

David Lee, Blogger

Bruno Mars didn’t just kill Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. He snuck up behind it with a shotgun, told it to imagine the alfalfa in the farm they would share together and proceeded to empty the whole damn clip into the back of its head.

All this to say, Mars did a damn fine job of providing nonstop entertainment during the intermission of the most watched television event in U.S. history. At the tender age of 28, Mars is the youngest to headline the event since Britney Spears and *NSYNC shared the duties in 2001.

When I first saw the children’s choir sing the chorus to Mars’ “Billionaire” with American flags flying on the screens behind them, I was pretty nervous the show would become some patriotic dedication to America. I hoped it wouldn’t become some deep, symbolic message the halftime show wasn’t meant to be. The kids were all holding hands and lifting them as some sign of unity, but that’s not what the people want! The people want some entertainment.

Which is why I couldn’t be happier when Mars interrupted the children’s choir with a ridiculous 50-second drum solo in huge “gotcha” fashion. Who knew he could play drums? Who knew he was actually good at drums, and would be willing to play drums over trap music loosely based on his latest hit, “Locked out of Heaven”?

He proceeded to entertain with hits “Treasure,” “Runaway Baby” and “Just The Way You Are,” with a guest interlude by the shirtless Red Hot Chili Peppers performing head-banger “Give it Away.”

One particular highlight was during “Runaway Baby,” when Mars showcased some outrageous dance moves. Every person I talked to as it was happening was convinced he surgically removed all the bones from his legs. He just walks around on two huge tendons. There’s no way his legs should be able to move that way, but they do. I also remember hearing some girls — and guys — squeal when Mars hit a trademark split. Also, dedicating his last song to the armed forces was a classy move.

There were no risks taken with this halftime show. There was no Tron theme, wardrobe malfunction or middle finger, but Mars showed that there didn’t need to be.

He just got up on stage and did what he does best — entertain.

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