Street Style: Inspirations to rock your everyday look

Kendall Siewert, Columnist

Don’t get me wrong — I love a killer red carpet dress just as much as the next girl. But since we peasants do not always have fashionable black-tie events to attend, there’s always street style. Street style, otherwise known as everyday style (like what you wear while you’re walking down a street, get it?), can provide a lot of inspiration. Most of my street style celeb inspirations live in Los Angeles as opposed to the frozen tundra of Evanston, so you can look at those shorts, but no ma’am you cannot touch. Frostbite doesn’t flatter anyone’s skin tone.

Inspiration #1: Julianne Hough

Hough rarely, if ever, wears prints on a day-to-day basis, but she can work a solid like no other. A typical outfit consists of some combination of a denim button down or neutral top, shorts or leather leggings and a randomly cool hat with quirky sunglasses. One of my favorite street-style looks Hough sported was a black button down with a gray pullover and leather leggings. Her patent leather Oxford-style shoes pulled the look together and added some shine to all that black. She toted her Celine bag at the same time, which I am going to refrain from commenting on because I could never stop. It is Celine. It is black. It is beautiful. I am jealous.

Inspiration #2: Gwen Stefani

Personally, I don’t think Gwen Stefani gets enough cred. Her daily outfits always push the fashion boundaries while simultaneously remaining appropriate for her lifestyle. Stefani lives in rolled up, torn jeans and graphic prints. Also, she rocks heels and red lipstick during the day because it looks fabulous and YOLO. Her look is sometimes androgynous but it works perfectly with her platinum hair and aforementioned red lipstick. Also, her kids are better dressed than I am. Props, Gwen, props.

Inspiration #3: Miranda Kerr

Nowadays, models get almost as much attention as celebrities, and Miranda Kerr is no exception. She looks perpetually chic on and off the runway. Kerr is known for her blousy tops, streamlined pants and just looking permanently put together. Other off-duty staples include leather leggings, breezy skirts or cool shorts-and-tee combos. Additionally, she knows the power of a pointy heel stiletto, a long lost art in today’s fashion world. It’s safe to say that this angel has most definitely earned her street style wings.

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