Pillow Talk: What your lingerie says about you

Laken Howard, Blogger

Lingerie: that really pretty stuff you see on display at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and wish you could wear under your clothes every day to make you feel like a sex bomb. Or, it’s that really pretty stuff that will burst your wallet at the seams if you buy enough of it. I have to admit, although I am awed by its beauty, I don’t own a wardrobe full of lingerie. In fact, I own only two “sets,” one black and one red. Despite its ability to make you feel sexy, it’s hard to justify spending so much on something that will, if all goes well, come right off after you put it on. But whether or not you have money to blow, here’s a non-exhaustive list of lingerie styles and what they say about you:

Black garter belt/stocking combo If this is your go-to style of lingerie, you’re definitely a classy lady (or maybe gentleman). You know that sometimes less is more, and you never underestimate simplicity. You’re well aware that the star of the lingerie is really you and your gorgeous body. Pairing this with a simple black push-up bra and thong will go far. Side note: I recently bought my first garter belt and stockings, and let me just say, those suckers are not easy to put on by yourself, which is unfortunate because it’s not likely you’ll be wearing one in a situation where a friend could help you get dressed.

Animal print Maybe you’re stuck in 2008, or maybe you just really like cheetah print and think it enhances your natural beauty. Either way, animal print lingerie can definitely be sexy, but be careful not to cross that line into tacky or childish. Personally, I own at least two cheetah print thongs, but I by no means consider them my sexiest underwear. To really emphasize the sex appeal of your animal print panties, pair them with a solid black bra or make sure the bra is the same exact print. A sheer, black camisole top over a cheetah bra/thong combo is a sexy way to show off your inner playful sex kitten.

Leather Just … damn. If you own any sort of leather or pleather lingerie, you’re a hardcore bitch, and I respect that. I don’t think I could squeeze any part of my naked body into something leather and I don’t plan on trying anytime soon. This style of lingerie should not be taken lightly, and it shows a true devotion to your inner dominatrix. To soften this look, pair a leather bustier with a frilly black panty.

Pastels Clearly, pastel undies give off an ultra-feminine vibe. To make colors such as pink, purple or light blue sexy in addition to simply romantic, avoid busy prints. Instead, buy lacy bras or panties to add texture so it’s still feminine but looks more put together. There’s something inherently sexy about a girly matching bra and panty set, and knowing your underwear matches can make you feel confident and radiant all day, even if no one will see it but you. These are just a few examples of styles of lingerie you can rock. Again, the most important thing to wear in or out of the bedroom is confidence. Whether you’re dressing for yourself or for a partner, lingerie is a great way to show your personality and let your sexiness shine. Until next time, be safe and be sexy!

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