ASG to unveil campus email list for events promotion

Jeanne Kuang, Assistant Campus Editor

Associated Student Government plans to send out the first edition of its new publicity service — a weekly campus-wide email list — next week.

The Campus Loop list, which will allow all students, faculty members and administrators to post notifications about upcoming events, is part of ASG’s initiative to be “more accessible and sustainable in our communication effort,” said Julia Watson, ASG’s public relations vice president.

Individuals and student groups can publicize their events on the email list by submitting short announcements through the ASG website. Watson, a Weinberg junior, said there are currently about 1,700 subscribers to the list and “a ton” of event submissions. ASG plans to send an email of the weekly announcements to Campus Loop every Wednesday.

“It’s kind of a centralized way to get events out,” said ASG president Ani Ajith, a former Daily staffer.

The emails will be organized by category, such as sports events or philanthropy events. They will also include links to the student groups’ websites or Facebook event pages to give potential attendees more detailed information.

Watson said Campus Loop will allow students to better remember and keep track of events they are interested in attending.

“In years past, it’s pretty difficult to hear about different things, especially if you go off a flyer and go, ‘Oh, I want to go to that,’ but then forget by the time you get to your dorm or apartment what the details were,” she said.

ASG has contacted the leaders of Residence Hall Association, Residential College Board, Greek organizations and club sports to encourage them to use Campus Loop.

“There are 500 different student groups on campus,” Watson said. “Oftentimes, it’s difficult for student groups just to flyer, just to create a Facebook event online. We were trying to figure out a way that anyone could submit to it and get a wide audience.”

— Jeanne Kuang