Citations for underage alcohol sales amended for World of Beer, Farmhouse Evanston

Maddie Elkins, Reporter

Two Evanston restaurants accused of underage alcohol sales plead no contest to amended citations Tuesday.

Farmhouse Evanston, 703 Church St., and World of Beer, 1601 Sherman Ave., initially pleaded not liable to citations for underage alcohol sales during an administrative hearing at the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave. Each was initially cited under city code 3-4-11(A) and 3-5-11(A)-R, respectively.

An attorney representing World of Beer raised some issues with its citation, saying the violation number was crossed out and appeared blurred. An attorney representing Farmhouse Evanston questioned the signature on its citation, claiming it did not look like the name of the officer who issued it.

Judge Susan Brunner advised both cases to speak with the city’s law department. Michelle Masoncup, deputy city attorney, amended both citations to disorderly conduct charges under city code 9-5-3(A).

Both defendants plead no contest to the amended citations, and each was issued a $75 fine.

— Maddie Elkins