Blair A La Carte: How to add food to your day of drinking


Blair Dunbar, Columnist

Dillo Day, the one occasion where day drinking is expected, is quickly approaching. You can throw back a shot or crack open a beer as soon as you wake up, even if it is 9 a.m. But drinking from sunup to sundown can be a bit dangerous, especially if you don’t do it right. One important key to drinking is incorporating food into the mix. Here are some of the best foods to munch on as you go through Dillo Day. Fortunately, you can easily incorporate alcohol into many of them, so you can still prevent a hangover and uncomfortable vomiting without cutting back on your drinking time.

Let’s start with breakfast. For your alcohol fix, try pouring some vodka into your morning orange juice for a delicious screwdriver. Pair that with beer-infused pancakes — making the pancakes is as simple as pouring some beer into the batter of your favorite recipe. Experiment and try using craft beer instead of something like Corona or Heineken. Frying the pancakes will cook away most of the alcohol, but you still get the taste, and they will provide a solid base in your stomach. Throw in some eggs and milk to help digest the liquor.

For lunch, get some more protein into your body, which will also make you feel full for a longer period of time. Of course, you will most likely be very busy on Dillo Day and won’t necessarily have time for an elaborate meal. Don’t worry. Grab a hot dog or sausage and cook it in the oven in a beer batter for a delicious, alcohol-infused lunch.

As the day goes on, you will have consumed more alcohol. You will probably be feeling tired or maybe a little sick. It’s important to get some food in your stomach if you are going to continue drinking. Have a good meal rich in protein or carbohydrates. Make a bourbon-infused barbecue sauce to add to a pork chop or steak, or add some wine to your fettuccine Alfredo sauce and cook up a box of pasta. A good vegetable to add on the side is asparagus: It helps digest the alcohol in your body.

Of course, you can’t forget about dessert! And there are so many great dessert recipes made from alcohol. A great option is rum cake, complete with a butter-and-rum glaze for the top. What a delicious way to end your Dillo Day.

You don’t have to choose between eating and drinking. Fun alcohol-infused recipes make sure your day is filled with liquor and they also ensure you’ll wake up feeling not-so-horrible the next day.