New carry-out program coming to dining halls

Cat Zakrzewski, Campus Editor

Sodexo, the parent company of nuCuisine, has announced plans for a new carry-out program that will give students more meal options after regular dining hall hours end.

The program will allow students to order carry-out meals 8-11:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at Foster-Walker Complex. Wildcat Carry Out was slated to launch Monday, but Sodexo marketing manager Jason Sophian said the program was delayed because Sodexo decided to expand the program’s menu and potentially provide offerings at other campus locations.

With the new program, students will be able to place their orders with a cashier and wait for them to be prepared. The initial menu as of Monday included a variety of options ranging from burgers to salads.

“It’s a big convenience,” said Uwe Wilshusen, Foster-Walker chef and lead manager, in a news release. “They don’t have to go into the dining hall, and they can order and wait or come back to pick it up.”

The program will benefit students who have meal plans without equivalency meals and have not been able to take food from dining halls in the past. The new program will accept meal plans, Munch Money, cash and credit cards.

SESP freshman Amy Addison is currently on the unlimited meal plan, which gives students two equivalency meals per week. She said she would likely use the new plan so she could save her equivalency meals.

“I see it as really useful for people … working all the time,” she said. “If I could use a regular meal, I might use it more often, like when I’m working through dinner.”