Dance Marathon 2013: Block 10 recap

Stephanie Haines, Development Editor

The climax of Northwestern University Dance Marathon 2013 revealed $1,214,632 raised through fundraising, topping 2012’s total by more than $100,000.

Tears, screams and jumps for joy shook the tent during the revelation.

$741,394.10 was allotted for the Danny Did Foundation, NUDM’s primary beneficiary. Tom Stanton, the Foundation’s co-founder, accepted the check with heartfelt gratitude.

“This is going to make a world of difference to families across the country .. you guys are going to take (the foundation to another level in terms of how we can help,” Stanton said. “This is for Danny, this is for Danny’s family, this is for you guys … Thank you, we’ll never forget this.”

$82,377.12 will be granted to the Evanston Community Foundation, the secondary beneficiary.

The finance committee revealed group and individual fundraising totals. The Delta Gamma and Zeta Beta Tau team raised $134,842, setting a record for highest large group fundraising.  On average, DG/ZBT raised $1,321 per dancer.

DM’s executive board took the stage to thank all the dancers, not a dry eye on the stage or in the crowd.

“DM is so much more than a 30-hour party,” Katie Amys, NUDM co-chair and Weinberg senior said. “You guys are the heart and soul of this organization and you have been working on this all year long.”

A few cast members from ABC’s Modern Family encouraged the dancers to not give up in the last celebrity video.

President Morton Schapiro gave a short speech at the beginning of the block to pump the dancers up. His said his goal was to high five the hand of every dancer before they began their final block.

“I am very proud,” Schapiro told The Daily. “It’s amazing what they have done, and it’s an honor to be with them.”

The executive board encouraged the dancers to reflect on what good they have accomplished. Students were reminded of the cause in Mike Stanton’s final speech to the crowd, toward the beginning of the last block.

“The life of Daniel George Stanton is the answer to why you dance … to why we started the foundation,” Mike Stanton said. “Danny did, and you can too.  So let’s follow the light and keep on dancing for Danny.”

 — Stephanie Haines