Standout Accessories: ‘If you like it, then you should’ve put a pin on it’

Sydney Zink, Columnist

Accessorizing is not just about scarves anymore, no matter what a stroll down Sheridan Road may seem to tell you. Guys have been getting creative with personalizing their style, proving that men’s fashion is not just a plain suit-and-tie affair. Here are some of the latest accessorizing trends that will have you rethinking outfit additions beyond the wintery mindset of layering. The overall lesson of the latest accessories (and accessories use in general) is to minimally apply powerful pieces to direct emphasis where you most want it.

1. Wooden bow ties

Think of these as the new neutral. Available in many wooden tones that work with nearly any shirt color, these relatives to the classic staple are a quirky trend on the rise for casual ensembles. These stiff bow ties are anything but. They exude good-humored creativity while following the ideal placement of a focal point up near the face.

2. Trouser cuff pins

A blazer pin poses a statement; cufflinks are fashionable. A pin on the cuff of your pants, though — now that’s a fashion statement. When cuffed pants gained popularity they were soon accentuated by this trend. Pinning has gone from keeping jeans’ hand-rolled cuffs in place to becoming a purely aesthetic modification to pre-cuffed trousers. A modest pin placed outward and above the ankle is enough to catch the eye and draw attention to particularly stylish shoes or socks. Trouser cuff pins subtly guide focus whereas a blazer pin demands attention due to its prominent placement — it can often seem overbearing on non-uniform outfits.

3. Colored watch faces

No, I’m not talking about the neon, glow-in-the-dark plastic watch you had as a child. These days, brown is no longer exclusive to the leather band. It joins dark colors such as maroon and forest green to grace watch faces for the creation of a sophisticated, adult, masculine version of the color-saturated wristwatch. For those who have reservations about the practicality of wearing navy (I certainly wouldn’t hesitate), a navy watch face becomes a safe but noteworthy hint of color in coordination with neutral-tone suits.

4. Gilded suit pockets

By now, most of us have surely seen images (mainly related to women’s fashion) of button-up shirts with golden tips at the collar points. If not, you must not be an Urban Outfitters kind of guy, and I really don’t blame you there. Regardless, a spinoff of the gold collar tip trend is coming around, and that is the gold-trimmed jacket pocket. The whole point of the gold adornment is its gaudiness. Therefore, it’s no surprise the pocket rim’s decoration is meant to steer pieces toward casual street style instead of turn them formally glitzy. It should be noted this trend particularly refers to stiff metal gold trimmings, not to gold stitching or appliqués; but hey, do as you like — the world is your pincushion.