University Library evacuated Tuesday due to fire alarm activation

Jillian Sandler, Campus Editor

University Library was evacuated Tuesday night after smoke in a first floor women’s bathroom set off the fire alarm, according to University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer.

The alarm was activated at 7:04 p.m. Tuesday, and the Evanston Fire Department was dispatched 11 minutes later, McAleer said. He said no cause for the smoke accumulation has been determined.

Darren Davis, the University’s police commander for field services, said the report on the matter did not contain much detail, as not much information was available. He said although the alarm activation “turned out not to be a serious problem,” an evacuation was still mandatory.

“When a fire alarm goes off, you have to leave the building,” Davis said.

Davis said no injuries resulted from the smoke accumulation.

The alarm was reset after EFD’s arrival and subsequent investigation was carried out in conjunction with UP. Library goers were allowed back inside after 10 to 15 minutes, said Weinberg junior Spencer Martens, who was evacuated.

Weinberg senior Erin Ku was studying in the periodicals section when the alarm went off. She said due to the rainy weather, she decided to go to Norris University Center before library patrons were let back inside.

“If it wasn’t raining, I would have stayed and waited,” Ku said. “I didn’t want to wait around in the rain to go back to the library, so I just decided to leave.”

Davis said the case was not out of the ordinary.

“That’s a routine ‘let’s check it out, everything’s fine, let’s reset the alarm,’” Davis said.

— Jillian Sandler