Freshman 15: Elena Barham

John Paschall, Reporter

While most freshmen on campus are worrying about the dreaded Freshman Fifteen, we know one group of new students who won’t: the athletes. Instead of packing on the pounds, these new faces answer 15 questions about what it’s like to wear the purple and white for the next four years.

Name: Elena Barham (5-foot-4, Madison, Wis.)

Sport: Cross-country

The Daily Northwestern: Favorite place to run on campus?

Barham: I really love running on the Lakefill. It is really pretty.

The Daily: Favorite song to listen to while running?

Barham: I actually do not really listen to music while I’m running. I’m not aware enough of my surroundings for that to be safe (laughs).

The Daily: Sargent or Allison?

Barham: Allison.

The Daily: North Campus or South Campus?

Barham: I live on North Campus, but if I was not an athlete I would love to spend more time on South.

The Daily: Biggest freshman moment so far?

Barham: When we had our team banquet at Jim Phillips’ house, we were supposed to fill out name tags with first name, last name, grade, and sport. Instead of writing my last name I wrote “Freshman” so my name tag read “Elena Freshman” (laughs).

The Daily: Hardest class you’re taking?

Barham: Intro to Comparative Politics.

The Daily: Harder task: running a 6K or taking that class?

Barham: Taking that class.

The Daily: If you weren’t a cross-country runner, you’d play which sport?

Barham: I have always wanted to learn how to play tennis.

The Daily: Any hidden talents?

Barham: Not really. I make weird faces in pictures sometimes but that’s not really a talent. It just happens (laughs).

The Daily: Best part about NU?

Barham: The people.

The Daily: Favorite Starbucks drink?

Barham: I’m not really a coffee person actually.

The Daily: Favorite pre-meet meal?

Barham: I like to go out for something exciting like Thai food or steak. My high school team used to think I was silly because they would be playing it safe.

The Daily: Facebook or Twitter?

Barham: Facebook. I think Twitter is a little more egocentric than Facebook. But they are both pretty bad (laughs).

The Daily: One concert you’d drop everything to see?

Barham: Mumford & Sons.

The Daily: Celebrity you are dying to meet?

Barham: Joe Biden.

The Daily: If you could go for a run anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Barham: The Great Wall of China would be really cool. It would have an awesome view and it would be really cool.

— John Paschall