Freshman 15: Jordan Wilimovsky

John Paschall, Reporter

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While most freshmen on campus are worrying about the dreaded Freshman Fifteen, we know one group of new students who won’t: the athletes. Instead of packing on the pounds, these new faces answers 15 questions about what it’s like to wear the purple and white for the next four years.

Name: Jordan Wilimovsky (5-foot-9, 145 pounds, Malibu, Calif.)

Sport: Men’s swimming and diving

Event: Distance free

The Daily Northwestern: If you weren’t a swimmer, you’d want to play this sport.

Jordan Wilimovsky: Surfing.

The Daily: Hardest class you’re taking right now?

Wilimovsky: Political Science 240.

The Daily: What’s harder: taking that class or racing in open water?

Wilimovsky: That class.

The Daily: Biggest freshman moment so far?

Wilimovsky: I couldn’t find any of the buildings the first couple of weeks. I didn’t know where Kresge or Swift was.

The Daily: Favorite song to listen to before going into a race?

Wilimovsky: “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore.

The Daily: North Campus or South Campus?

Wilimovsky: North.

The Daily: Favorite place you’ve swam in the world?

Wilimovsky: Australia. It was a Junior Nationals event in 2011.

The Daily: Biggest prankster on the swimming and diving team?

Wilimovsky: Probably Toni Valcic. He hasn’t gotten me yet.

The Daily: Best part about NU is what?

Wilimovsky: Hanging out with the swim team.

The Daily: Venice Beach or Santa Monica Beach?

Wilimovsky: Santa Monica. It’s closer.

The Daily: Favorite pre-meet meal?

Wilimovsky: Bowl of pasta.

The Daily: Chicago or Los Angeles?

Wilimovsky: Not sure. The downtown area of Chicago is really cool, so I might say Chicago right now.

The Daily: Movie you could watch a million times?

Wilimovsky: “Zoolander.”

The Daily: Celebrity you are dying to meet?

Wilimovsky: Kobe Bryant.

The Daily: Is Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all time?

Wilimovsky: Yeah, of course.

— John Paschall