ASG seeks student leader support for Rock-painting hiatus

Patrick Svitek, Online Managing Editor

Associated Student Government is rallying peer support for a two-week hiatus on painting The Rock in the wake of Harsha Maddula’s death.

In an email obtained by The Daily, ASG president Victor Shao asks student leaders for their backing on a proposal to prohibit covering The Rock with any message through Oct. 14.

“Our reasoning is that the traditional Hindu period of mourning is 13 days — counting off from today’s funeral,” Shao wrote. “After the 13 days, we will paint over the Rock with purple and ‘One Northwestern.'”

Maddula’s funeral was held Monday in New Hyde Park, N.Y. The McCormick sophomore’s body was found in Lake Michigan last week after he had disappeared for six days.

Shao confirmed with The Daily this morning that the effort to bring student leaders on board is underway.

— Patrick Svitek