NU graduate expands business in Evanston

Julianna Nunez

A recent Northwestern graduate is expanding her organic juice bar business by opening a second store in downtown Evanston.

Riana Lynn (’12), who received her master’s degree in public policy and administration at NU, first opened the juice bar Peeled in Lincoln Park last year.

Lynn said she chose to open her new store in Evanston because many of her customers in Lincoln Park were from the North Shore. As an Evanston native, Lynn said she believed a new health food store would be a great addition to the area.

Lynn said though there is already a Jamba Juice in downtown Evanston, she thinks Peeled will be able to take a stand in the market.

According to Lynn’s personal website, she is focused on making a healthy lifestyle available for everyone. Peeled offers smoothies and raw foods including Asian noodle salad, lemon bars, vegan gelato and coconut yogurt parfaits.

Peeled also provides cleanses, which Lynn said are health drinks that customers seek out for a quick reinvigoration. According to the Peeled website, the cleanses allow people to remove toxins from their bodies and to lead a health-conscious lifestyle.

“It’s very convenient and easy to drink all your nutrients in a day in a bottle,” she said.

Although nothing is solidified, Lynn said she has plans to market the new store to students in the fall. Lynn said wildCARDs will earn NU students a 10 percent discount on Peeled purchases.

“We’ll also be having special events and different events around campus with drinks and samples and things like that,” she said.

Lynn said Peeled will be participating in Lollapalooza. After that, she said Peeled will be doing outreach in the Evanston community.

Peeled will be open and providing its full menu on June 29.

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