Wildcat Extra Spring Game Links

Kevin Trahan

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Wildat Extra had lots of spring game content over the weekend, ranging from a game story to analysis to videos. Check out all of our spring game coverage here.

Game story: http://bit.ly/IZohQ6

Column: Rejuvinated defense: http://bit.ly/HOrlzF

Three units to watch: http://bit.ly/HLqvOm

Unit grades: http://bit.ly/IyDx0s

Videos from Pat Fitzgerald and seven players: http://bit.ly/JqNMVi

What Matt Alviti’s commitment means for NU: http://bit.ly/HNmVXz

For all Northwestern coverage, check out wildcatextra.com throughout the spring. For football coverage year round, check out our new Central and Ashland blog. Also check out our YouTube page, follow us on Twitter at @Wildcat_Extra and like our Facebook page.