Five Words for… Adele

Allison Lasher

Shortly after Adele cleaned up at the Grammys, rumors swirled that she’d be taking a lot of time off, like five years. However, Adele put that rumor to bed and she’s back in the studio. THE DAILY and THE CURRENT staffers respond to the almost-tragedy:

“Not even funny, Adele. No.”

-Thomas Meyer

“Someone like you… BETTA WORK!”

-Derrick Clifton

“That rumor hurt my soul.”

-Shelly Tan

“There’s no one like you!”

-Chelsea Peng

“Don’t toy with me, woman.”

-Ava Wallace

“‘Rumor has it,’ eh, Adele?”

-Christian Gossin Wilson

“Adele, y u scare me?!”

-Jillian Sandler

“I still don’t like Adele.”

-Rohan Nadkarni

“Rohan should probably not talk.”

-Rafi Letzter

“Where would’ve the Grammys gone?!”

-Simone Alicea

“Breaking up with the break-up goddess?!”

-Britta Hanson

“Played me to the beat.”

-Gideon Resnick