Blotter: Nov. 10

Susan Du

Attempted cell-phone robbery

A male Northwestern student walking in the South Quad and talking on his cell phone was nearly robbed of it Tuesday.

The student was walking behind Cahn Auditorium and Scott Hall at approximately 10:40 p.m. when three males on bikes rode toward him, according to an alert issued by University Police. Two of the riders tried to grab the phone out of his hands, but the student was able to maintain possession of it.

After he returned to his residence hall, he told a community service officer about the attempted robbery. UP and EPD officers searched the area and located a man matching the student’s description. However, because the student could not validate the identification, he was released.

Laptop taken from unlocked vehicle

A woman’s laptop was stolen from her car Tuesday.

A woman who called the Evanston Police Department told officers her vehicle had been burglarized sometime between 2 and 5:32 p.m, EPD Cmdr. Tom Guenther said.

The woman said she had left her lime green Dell laptop worth approximately $800 in plain sight with the door unlocked. Officers are fairly certain that’s how the person who took the laptop entered her car, Guenther said.

Evanston residence burglarized

An Evanston woman living in the 1100 block of Ashland Avenue called the EPD after discovering her home had been burglarized Tuesday.

She said she had been attempting to use her wireless Internet when she realized her modem was missing, Guenther said. She then realized her father’s Mac computer, a Playstation and coin collection were also gone. Two television sets were unplugged but not taken.

There were pry marks on the back door of the residence. However, both it and the front door were secured, so they were probably not the point of entry, Guenther said. A cursory search of the house determined the bedroom window was open.

– Susan Du

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