The Birds & The Bees: Sex Q&A, Oct. 27

Emma Lehmann

My guy’s little soldier, is a little too little, if you know what I mean. Is there anything special he can do to make me orgasm?

The average erect penis is about 6 inches in length, according to However, it turns out that width matters most. If your guy is a little short, but can get wide enough when the time comes, there is still hope.

Before you start having sex, make sure that you are totally ready to go. With a guy who is less endowed, you really want to focus on foreplay. Let him know what you like and be specific. Also, make sure he focuses on your clitoris before sex, whether he’s stimulating it with his mouth or his hands.

During sex, try sticking to these three positions, which describes as effective:

1) Doggie-style: Place your head and shoulders on a pillow, with your butt in the air, legs together and back arched. If your guy leans forward during the act, this will allow him to enter as deeply as possible.

2) The snake: Lay on your stomach with a pillow under your hips and legs together. Have your guy straddle your hips while on his knees and slip his johnson in from behind. If he needs to brace his weight against something, have him bend over and put his hands on the bed or wall.

3) The V-formation: Lay down on your back and have your guy on his knees, facing toward you. Raise your legs to rest on his shoulders and move them outward into a wide V position. This will allow your guy to thrust deeply and also give him access to your clitoris. Placing a pillow under your butt will give you a better angle for G-spot stimulation as well.

Emma is a sexual health reporter and a Medill sophomore.

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