Blotter 5/25: Evanston man found shot in thigh

Susan Du

Evanston man found shot in thigh

A man was shot on the 700 block of Dewey Avenue on Tuesday.

Evanston Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther said police were dispatched to Dewey Avenue at 12:51 a.m. regarding shots fired in the area.

Once they arrived on the scene, police observed a man seated in a vehicle bleeding from his right thigh. He was initially uncooperative with police, refusing to describe suspects, Guenther said.

Evanston paramedics treated and delivered the man to a local hospital.

Student loses $1,000 in Craigslist con

A Northwestern student contacted University Police in reference to a fraudulent exchange made through Craigslist.

The student told police he had placed an ad on Craigslist for subleasing his apartment in the fall, McAleer said. An unknown individual who expressed interest in the ad contacted the student by email. This individual then sent the student a check for $2,650, more than the amount requested. That person advised the student that he should deduct what was owed and wire the rest back.

The student followed through. Later, he received a second check from the same individual who again requested that he deduct payment and return the rest. When the student tried to deposit the second check, he found it was fraudulent. He was also advised the first check was fraudulent as well.

The student lost $1,000 in total.

Three laptops stolen from ISRC

Three laptops left unattended in various study lounges in the Interational Studies Residential College, 1861 Sheridan Road, were stolen on the same night.

Officers met with the victims early Tuesday morning, UP Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said. One laptop was removed from the third floor study lounge, and two others were taken from the basement. Police are still trying to locate the computers and find the offenders.