Thumbs…Human Sex, Fitz

Thumbs down to…Human Sexuality gets canceled

The ever-lasting Bailey fiasco of 2011 finally culminated in the cancelation of the popular Human Sexuality for the 2011-12 school year. Prof. Bailey will still be teaching in the psych department, including a course so aptly named “Dangerous Ideas.” Still, there will be a fucksaw- sized hole in the curricula for next year. Politics of sex toys aside, a course in the psychological study of human sexuality is one that should be readily available to college students.

NU administration is defending the decision by saying that they need time to ‘review the curricula.’ Reviewing things is great and may be necessary, but there are two quarters between now and when Human Sexuality would have been offered. Apparently seven months is not enough time to adequately ‘review.’ Administration needs to rethink the class hiatus and work faster in making a decision about the future of Human Sex at NU.

Thumbs up to…Fitz signs on for another 10 years

Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald, fondly known as Fitz, signed on to a 10-year contract extension last weekend. On a campus where football may not be a priority, he does a good job of fulfilling the role of campus celebrity/heartthrob. With an impressive 2,750 fans on Facebook, he’s a well-known name and face that has provided inspiration for many a T-shirt design.

The man’s great. Fitz is young, energetic and also a pretty decent coach. Players want to play for him, and he’s brought us three bowl appearances since taking over as head coach in 2006. We have yet to see a bowl win, but the $1.8 million a year that he’s making according to the Chicago Tribune will hopefully help in getting us that elusive W. On top of everything, Fitz’s three sons are adorable and never fail to bring smiles to fans’ faces, regardless of the scoreboard. We especially like it when he dances with the youngest one on the sidelines.