Lacrosse: HEDLINE

Jonah Rosenblum

In an effort to tighten Evanston campus security at Northwestern, the Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee is funding the installation of 30 new closed-circuit television cameras at the Technological Institute and revamping four Blue Light phones around campus.

A similar project is underway on the Chicago campus, where 65 new security cameras and four Blue Light renovations will occur.

Deputy Police Chief Daniel McAleer mentioned a case of sexual assault in Tech that was reported in 2009 as a possible reason for heightened security but said the additional cameras were not installed as a direct response to this incident.

“The Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee felt that Tech could use security enhancements because it tends to be used at all hours of the night as well as weekends and holidays,” McAleer said.

Though the police are unable to monitor the cameras at all times, McAleer said the presence of security cameras and regular police patrols around Tech are meant to deter crime.

“There are numerous cameras throughout the University, and we are not in a position to monitor the cameras on a full-time basis,” McAleer said.

McCormick freshman Shaina Fuller, who usually spends time in Tech studying with her classmates, said she does not feel unsafe there.

“I feel pretty safe,” Fuller said, “I never really see any police officers patrolling in Tech, but I don’t really pay any attention.”

Bienen and McCormick junior Matt Jacobson said Tech is a fairly safe area and only individuals with keys can gain access to the building.

The University recently changed its security policy at Tech, locking side doors on weekday evenings and all doors on weekend evenings, according to an article posted by the Northwestern News Center. Keys are now required to enter at these times.

“I feel like security cameras and surveillance wouldn’t be a huge issue, though areas outside campus can be pretty sketchy,” Jacobson said.

Updated Blue Lights are meant to address the issue of safety outside of Tech, but Communication junior Robyn Char said she wonders why security at Tech was prioritized over security on other parts of campus.

University Police also engage in regular nighttime patrols around campus, and McAleer emphasized the importance of students being aware of their surroundings, especially at night.

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