Sex column: How to spice things up with your partner

Marina Mason

With the onset of midterms, bipolar weather and yet another quarter, it can be hard to remove the monotony from your sex life. Spicing up time with your partner is all about not being afraid to shake things up a bit. Here are some ideas to try:

Have a date!

A real date. Go to the movies together, have dinner somewhere special, go dancing, plan a day to be tourists in Chicago.

Make time for each other – intimate time

Busy schedules can sometimes mean not having enough time for your partner. So put your planning skills to work! Set aside some time that is just about the two of you.

Never too old for toys

Go to a ‘toy store’ together; it’s exciting and can give you some great ideas even if you don’t wind up buying anything. Then again, you might find something you want to try while you are there that will spark your creativity in the bedroom.

Change up the position! Or the place

Want to make sex more exciting? You don’t need to own a Kama Sutra to find new positions, just try sex somewhere new! Instead of the bed, try a desk, chair, the floor, against walls, free standing or any other imaginative places you can think of.

Fantasies AND KINK

Do you have a fantasy or role-play you wish you could act out with your partner? Suggest it! If you have one, there is a good chance that your partner does. Or, you can try out a little kink, like blindfolding or feather teasers.


Using the power of anticipation, try turning on your partner without touching them. Foreplay can intensify your experience as well as add fun to your sex life.

Although breaking the routine is never easy, being spontaneous can put some spice and excitement back into your relationship.

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