Blotter 4/21: Police find marijuana at Fiji house

Susan Du

Fire alarm alerts police to cannabis use at Fiji house

Police responded to the Phi Gamma Delta house Wednesday in reference to a fire alarm that went off, police said.

Smoke and a strong odor emanated from a room on the third floor at the Fiji house, 2331 Sheridan Road, which prompted firefighters to open a fire escape window as well as an adjacent window, when they arrived at the house Wednesday at around 4:13 p.m. Officers then proceeded to make contact with an NU student at the scene, University Police Deputy Chief Daniel McAleer said. .

The student appeared nervous and his eyes were glossy and bloodshot, McAleer said. The student stated he didn’t know what the smell was or who was in the building. The officer then proceeded into the room, where he found a bong in plain sight as well as a pipe, McAleer said.

The student told officers no one sleeps in the room and that it was just a room for people to hang out in. Officers discovered another bong in plain sight in a second room in addition to an ashtray which contained a small amount of cannabis.

The student said he bought the cannabis from an individual off campus whom he declined to identify. The student was very uncooperative and evasive, McAleer said, and he only responded after the discovery of the cannabis. He was cited a C-ticket and referred to Student Affairs.

Norris gate damaged

Someone damaged the gate in front of Norris University Center on Wednesday night, police said.

Officers responded to Norris, 1999 Campus Drive, at 8:17 p.m. Wednesday to find the gate arms broken off as if a car had driven through it, McAleer said. The gate had been found on the ground broken in several pieces.

No one knows who may have destroyed the gate but custodians have been notified and will replace it.

Student drinking coffee while biking crashes bike, is taken to hospital

A female student riding her bike down Norris’s east ramp while drinking coffee lost control of the bike and fell off Wednesday night, sustaining injuries, McAleer said.

The student suffered a laceration to the top of her head as well as several lacerations to her left knee. She was transported to Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave.