Thumbs: This Blows!, Sporcle, Men’s Basketball, and Tracy Kidder

The Daily Northwestern

Thumbs up to… This Blows! not blowing

There are a lot of a capella groups on campus. Almost too many. Sure, every group is talented and bound for theatre major fame, but they all do the same thing: singing. This new whistling a cappella group, This Blows!, started by freshmen Matt Sullivan, Max Paymar and Carson Potter is showing promise. It’s the perfect story of freshman meets freshman meets freshman, brought together by the power of whistling. The now 18-person group is set to start practicing with hopes for a Spring show. If it helps, we’d be willing to spend at least $3 for a ticket.

Thumbs up to… NU embracing

A third place ranking on online trivial website Sporcle is something to be proud of. Being able to list the seven longest short stories written by Bill Murray in the 1990s may not be résumé-worthy, but it does count for something. At least we’re using the internet for something other than Facebook and Skinemax. And apparently, students use the site as a studying tool for things like map quizzes. Good for them.

Thumbs down to… Men’s NCAA hopes dwindling

Northwestern Men’s basketball’s NCAA hopes are all but lost, thanks to Wednesday’s loss to Michigan. A valiant comeback still fell nine points short with the final score at 75-66. The loss comes after a promising win over then-No. 24 Illinois, but the offensively-slow NU couldn’t hold up against Michigan. Ranked ninth in the conference, NU needs to step up and do well in both the next six games and the Big Ten tournament if they want to compete in their first ever NCAA Tournament.

Thumbs up to… Kidder packing Harris Hall

This year’s One Book One Northwestern author Tracy Kidder came to campus Wednesday night, packing Harris Hall Room 107 to the point where students were turned away. Even the live stream of the speech shown in two different overflow rooms was packed. This shows the kind of crowd a legitimate author can bring. With last year’s author being Thomas Friedman, NU’s One Book program is on a solid track of inviting famous authors that actually unify and inspire NU students.