The Daily builds affiliations with other student media

Chris Kirk

I’m Chris Kirk, online managing editor.

Today, goes live with content from NU Asian.

The release of NU Asian’s content on The Daily’s site is the result of an affiliation we formed with NU Asian in November. In the coming months, we hope to forge more affiliations with other niche campus publications. Content from another of our affiliates, The Protest, will be up and running shortly.

By hosting the content of other publications, The Daily is giving these publications, which sometimes do not have the resources to build and manage their own websites, not only a place on the Web but also greater exposure. These publications will now have access to the thousands of people who visit each day, who, in turn, will have access to the rich content our campus media scene has to offer.

Meanwhile, I hope to see more people come to think of The Daily Northwestern as a spot for campus news of many varieties.

Chris Kirk

Online Managing Editor