Low turnout; so what? Giannoulias, Kirk unlike Obama, McCain

Chris Kirk

Like it usually is in a midterm election – or, for that matter, any election – young voter turnout was “abysmal.”

Chillingly, if Northwestern students reflect national trends, fewer voted in the Midterm elections than in the last Associated Student Government election.

But outside of the fact that the senatorial candidate for whom I reluctantly voted lost by only a few percentage points, I don’t particularly care.

These candidates didn’t deserve a high turnout.

This was nothing like the 2008 Election. And it’s not just because this election was a midterm election.

In 2008, we had Obama, who energized us, who actively reached out to us and inspired us. We had McCain, a national hero, an experienced, honorable senator with obvious integrity.

In 2010, we had a cookie-cutter Democrat with shady connections to million-dollar bank loans to criminals and a Republican who blatantly lied about his already laudable military career and flip-flopped on his cap-and-trade policy stance.

Hell, Claire Lew inspired me more than this when she ran for ASG president.

So why show up only to give a vote of no confidence?

When Illinois voters have better options, maybe then we’ll turn out.