Survey in Norris

Weekly Editors

Has there ever been a more appropriate issue for a pie chart? This week, we set out to learn what NU students crave that the Evanston restaurant scene doesn’t satisfy. Instead of the typical yes-or-no poll, we started with a few categories to divvy up our pie. But our apple pie quickly began to look like a messy pan of apple crisp. Of the 49 who called for a 24-hour option, 36 specifically requested a better diner, and two wanted a late night slice of pizza. Three fast-food deprived students craved a McDonald’s, and one pined for a Popeye’s. The most suggested ethnic food was Mexican, with seven votes. Though two people wanted a Korean joint, the general consensus is that Evanston needs to lay off the pan-Asian restaurants. The “Other” category is made up of two looking for healthy food, five who wanted more upscale places and six who think Evanston is perfect just the way it is.

What type of food is Evanston most lacking?

Ethnic: 24

24-Hour Joints: 49

Fast Food Chains: 14

Other: 13