Q&A: Rushing the passer

Matt Forman

Indiana defensive end Jammie Kirlew was a First-Team All-Big Ten honoree last year. The 6-foot-3, 259-pound senior is the Hoosiers’ unquestionable leader on defense. In seven games this year, Kirlew has registered 37 tackles, including 12.5 for loss, to go along with 5.5 sacks. The Daily’s Matt Forman sat down with Kirlew at Big Ten Media Day.Daily Sports: What’s your pre-game routine like?

Jammie Kirlew: I don’t do nothing crazy. I like to stay at an even keel until right before we get on the field. I conserve everything I can because I know I’m going to drop everything I can on the field.

DS: What quarterback would you most like to sack in the Big Ten?

JK: Probably Terrelle Pryor. He’s a big quarterback, very talented. I’d like to sack any quarterback, though. Pryor’s not going to be standing there, he’s going to be moving, which makes things tough.

DS: What’s your favorite movie?

JK: At one point it was “Rush Hour,” and I still really like that. But now I’m moving toward “Gladiator.” It comes down to those two.

DS: Who’s your favorite musical artist, and what’s your favorite song?

JK: My favorite artist would probably be Boyz II Men because I grew up with them. They made great songs. They may deserve more credit than they’re getting. My favorite song would be their “Song for Mama” from when I was real young. Since I was about nine years old, I’ve been singing that song to my mom for Mother’s Day.

DS: What’s something about you that not many people know?

JK: I have nine sisters and two brothers. I’m right in the middle of all the siblings. It’s always tough on the middle child, but I always wanted to compete with my older brother. I’m real family oriented because of it.

DS: What do you do in your free time?

JK: If I’m not on the field, watching film or lifting, which is most of my day, I probably watch movies. Not just for entertainment, but to learn from it too, because I’m interested in production. Time is so limited, but I also like to read motivational books too. I’m a computer guy. I always try to learn new things all the time.

DS: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

JK: Throughout my whole life, most consistently, I’d have to say my mother. She definitely supported me with everything. She always stressed schoolwork, and I love her for it. She stayed on me about it and it has paid off.

DS: What’s your favorite stadium to play at and why?

JK: My favorite stadium to play in is at home, it’s hard to think outside of that. But in terms of getting amped up for a game, Purdue. It’s a whole different feeling when you go into that rival game, you just feel that hate from people in West Lafayette, but it pumps you up.

DS: How many different ways have you heard people say (pronounced Jay-Me) or spell your name?

JK: Spelling it five or six different ways. Pronunciations probably seven or eight. I even got called the Spanish version of Jamie once. I’ve heard Jimmy, Jimay, Jammy, all sorts of things.

DS: What’s your favorite Bill Lynch moment?

JK: I guess I walked into the office to get some film, and I saw an old school picture of Bill Lynch back in the day with the short shorts. I was dying. It was tempting to take a copy and photocopy it. I haven’t told him about it yet, but I might after the season.