Confirmed & Denied

Weekly editors


What a deluge of Greek events we have coming up! You know it’s bad when we have to coin a word like “Greekend.” If you want to frat out hard this weekend, consider this your itinerary. The tail end of SAE’s Paddy Murphy Week will keep guys shamefully entertained as sororities are pitted against one another in various games. If last year’s powder puff football event is any evidence (you know, the one where a girl had to be rushed to the hospital?) we can expect to see the focus quickly shift from SAE’s philanthropy to the bitter competition between the ladies. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? If ogling pecs is more your speed, drool on over to Theta’s Mr. CASAnova meat market, err, male beauty pageant, on Friday night. And finally, if you’re celebrating 4/20, might as well pick TriDelt’s Pancake Party over a trip to 7-Eleven. No shame in capitalizing on the student body’s collective munchies, we say. Our eyes? Bloodshot? No, we’ve just been dicing onions, now get out of our way and flip us some pancakes!


Attention, readers, blog groupies, and the easily impressed – the rest of you can go back to what you were doing – Julia Allison has been spotted on our very own campus. The social climbing ego-tard who was once voted the single worst person on the Internet actually calls Evanston her hometown. According to our tipster, she even claimed she got into NU but just didn’t want to come. Fine by us; her loss (or as the blogosphere has said, her lie) is our school reputation’s gain. She came by for Kellogg’s Technology Conference, where her friend and fellow bottom-feeding tech personality Sarah Lacy was a featured speaker. Clearly the event engaged her, judging by the fact that her usual rampant Twitter use slowed to a trickle. Her only Tweet of the afternoon? “Me: ‘Do I have stuff all over my face?’ Sarah: ‘Just prettiness.'” Gripping. The future of technology has unraveled before us, and it is Julia!


Whip out your guyliner and marry yourself a Simpson sister, ’cause Pete Wentz is in town. Cool your jets, Fall Out Boy fanatics, we’re talking about his father, Pete Sr. Turns out he’s the former associate dean at NU’s School of Law. According to University Relations’ Assistant Director Pat Tremmel, Papa Wentz held his post at the downtown law campus for about six years. We can’t imagine how much it must suck to be an older guy also named Pete Wentz, but he was nice enough to hook his son up with a summer job at NU. Now we can think of him as something slightly more than just a public douchebag! As the Fall Out Boy song goes, thanks for the memories.