Bellassai ready to get to work

Katie Glueck

Katie Glueck/The Daily Northwestern

Nearly 30 people were eating pizza, chatting and playing games on in a stifling conference room in Public Affairs Residential College when Matt Bellassai’s phone rang.

The room went silent as the only candidate for student life director took the call. Moments later, the watch party, which was for both Bellassai and for the McGee/Smithburg campaign, erupted into applause. Bellassai had won with 80.6 percent of the vote.

“I didn’t expect (to win) with that high a number,” the Weinberg freshman said. “I wasn’t as sophisticated as some of the other candidates. I’m hoping these high numbers are a testament to the confidence people have in me.”

Bellassai said he’s excited to work with committee members to achieve goals that include expanded study areas and improved laundry facilities.

“Where we lacked experience and knowledge during the campaign, we made up with passion and enthusiasm,” he said. “I want to carry that over into the new position. I’m looking forward to working with people to start getting things done.”

But before he can get anything else done, Bellassai said he has a paper to finish.

“I won’t be celebrating tonight,” he said. “I have a paper on Winston Churchill due tomorrow morning at 9:30, which I haven’t started yet.”

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