Confirmed & Denied

Weekly editors

MAKES US WANT TO“Sex lies and infotainment for student life at Northwestern.” That’s what the tagline promises for a new web site advertised on fliers around campus. The new site, Primal Screamer, was started by an anonymous student going by the name “Guerrilla Media” using Ning, a 3-year-old online platform that lets anybody can create a social network. Since its inception, five members have joined Primal Scream: Tom, snapdragon, O-Dog, Miss Print and WildKat. Perhaps they were drawn in by the introductory post, part of which says: “We hear (sic) at Primal Scream are excited to have you hear (sic). We just moved in and are getting settled (please excuse the empty boxes), but you are very lucky to have found us. Not only are we going to keep you – happy NU student – happily informed, but we are going to change the way people consider the Internet. Check that, we are going to change the way that people consider words!” Looks like they have already started in that endeavor. Perhaps Miss Print can use any copy editing skills her screen name suggests.So that post didn’t work out as well as planned, hence the fliers. They read: “Want to win $100? Check out and become a member to enter.” A blog post on the site asks readers to join the network and submit “photos and videos that sum up NU.” Tip: Submit a video about people who start gossip blogs – if anything sums up NU, that does.OUT OF THE CLOSETBelieve it or not, there’s yet another gay campus blogger that has been making a couple of waves. On Sept. 23 the anonymous Gossip Gay entered the blogosphere with a mission statement: to destroy the right that gay men and women have to stay in the closet and ruin the lives of everyone who are brave enough not to. We’re paraphrasing a bit, of course.The first entry actually mentioned that the blog would serve to dish on the secret world of “Northwestern University’s incestuous gay community where people hook up with each other more often than Paris Hilton does with Hollywood.” Back then, the site was even lower on NU’s radar than some of the other semi-gossip bloggers – former PLAY staffer DJ PM, we’re looking at you. But now we have something to deny: None of us are behind this thing. One commenter was positive that our managing editor was behind the blog. An anonymous person defended him … kind of, writing “nick jackson doesn’t write this poorly, usually.” There’s one comment that we’ll confirm: “these blogs are a pretty good indication of one of two things. 1) vapid homosexual idiocy. 2) sexual frustration. take your pick and masturbate in your closet accordingly.”PARTY PEOPLETonight, there’s an event downtown at MAXBAR, hosted by ­- you guessed it – Sigma Phi Epsilon. The brothers encourage you to skip the Deuce and board their bus for a $15 two-hour open bar. And of course, the Evite explains, “This is an open event.”Just like the costume party Sig Ep threw at The Keg Saturday, when even freshmen could get in before midnight, and all-you-can-drink (for the 21+ crowd) was only $10. And the Stone Lotus open bar two weeks earlier. And oh yeah, their famous annual Prep Party somewhere in between.Is it just us, or can anyone remember the last time any frat on campus partied this hard? Oh wait. We can, but barely. That’s because they’ve all been kicked off by now. We’re sure all these parties are registered – you can’t really Evite and advertise on Facebook otherwise. What we’re not sure of is how they are able to sustain their social calendar. Biweekly bar blowouts scream for attention, and all the wrong kind. And it seems like all those buses must be blowing through their budget pretty quickly. At this rate, it seems like they won’t be able to afford events next quarter, let alone eat for the rest of the year. Could it be they aren’t planning on sticking around that long? We love the parties while they last, but they seem awfully like a last hoorah.