Confirmed & Denied

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RUMOR ROYALTIESWhen the going gets tough, the tough (and in the know) get blogging. But sometimes, dishing the gossip isn’t enough to keep the cash flow coming. DJ PM, a Northwestern senior who’s been chronicling the campus social scene on CollegeOTR way before that Royal tattler hit the blogosphere, wants more than your scandals.Yesterday, DJ PM sent an e-mail entitled “Support a Shameless Self-Promoter” to an undisclosed list of recipients groveling for, of all things, page hits to pay his bills. And, as he put it more bluntly, for some help with financing his social agenda, which includes “getting drunk and making out with strangers in Boystown.”The blogging life is apparently characterized by scrimping and scrounging, especially in light of recent financial fracas. Or, in DJ PM’s words, “the Dow Jones industrial average fell harder than a drunken Asian girl at a SAE party….”So DJ PM has been forced to revise his moneymaking tactics: College OTR is “implementing a pay system based on page views, fucking fascists that they are,” he says in his e-mail.We just wonder how his nemesis RR is faring, what with his dependence on ad revenue and lack of new, juicy fodder since Sept. 23. With only one post in the last two weeks, is he on strike or just looking for a real job? After all, you can’t collect royalties on rumors, no matter who reads them.BOSS GOSSIPIt seems that every year the soon-to-be-graduating seniors at Northwestern start looking for jobs earlier and earlier. This year, as the country plummets deeper into a recession with no end in sight, those seniors are looking a little more frantically, hoping to sign a contract or shake a hand and be given some sense of security by a working professional.It turns out, though, that a job doesn’t make you professional. During an on-campus interview this week, one Medill senior was asked to provide any dirt on those slated to interview after her. She came up with something, but it wasn’t very incriminating. Let’s hope the person before her didn’t have something better to say. As if potential employers combing your Facebook pages wasn’t bad enough, now it seems we have to worry about those past indiscretions that can’t be erased.PIER POOLIf you’ve been trying to get scented candles from Pier 1 ever since you moved into your dorm room, you’ve been out of luck. The place has been closed this entire time due to standing water we all just assumed was holdover from the torrential downpour that flooded campus just as we prepared to return. You know, the storms that prompted the activation of Evanston’s “Emergency Operations Center” and an e-mail debriefing from Mary Desler. But your soggy basement has long since dried up. So what gives?Well, if you frequent the home store’s upstairs neighbor, Evanston’s new gym LA Fitness, you might know that its pool has been conspicuously closed recently. You also might see that it’s directly above Pier 1. Yep, the brand new pool has been leaking through the floor and spilling chlorine all over those colorful throw pillows. Before you go for a swim when they finally reopen the pool, check the bottom and make sure you can’t leak through, too.KEGSCLUSIVITYDamn, Evanston’s bars are getting exclusive. Witness the recent lines out the door at The Keg and 1800 Club – and not just on Mondays and Thursdays. People were even paying to get in, as cover charges soared to $20 for the desperate at Hundo two Saturdays ago.There’s a new promoter in town and they sure are getting people out at night, but getting in is another story. (Some freshmen were even told they had to be on a guest list, but proper ID was probably more important.) On Friday, people paid between $3 and $10 to get into the Keg, raising funds for Lettermen Entertainment, the student company throwing the parties. Inside, there was a pretty big deal going on. Mo Greene, Dillo Day ‘06’s fave undergrad act, was performing, along with campus hits 3D and Rotimi.But get this: Lettermen didn’t even tell their invitees about the show, which was a “surprise performance,” and people still showed up. They aren’t ready to release their identity, but whoever they are, they must have a lot of party-throwing cred. One clue: We hear the name Lettermen Entertainment is more likely a reference to the football team’s lettered jackets than the Late Show.