Update: DM raises record funds

Paul Takahashi & Alice Truong

Northwestern’s Dance Marathon raised $933,855 this year, in another record-breaking season for the philanthropy.

DM execs announced the number shortly after 1 a.m. as the marathon began concluding early Sunday morning.

Committee members gave a check for more than $590,000 to Bear Necessities, this year’s primary beneficiary. Kathleen Casey, the pediatric cancer organization’s founder, told dancers it was the largest donation the group had ever received.

The Evanston Community Foundation also received a check for more than $65,000 from the marathon.

The event, which was split between the Louis Room in Norris and a heated tent on the Norris South Lawn for the first time this year, went smoothly overall.

The music was stopped shortly during the final block after two girls collapsed inside the tent.

Paramedics and police came to Norris at about 12:30 a.m., and one girl was transported to the hospital. The other student was able to walk out of Club DM, the tent on the Norris lawn. University Police Department and the Evanston Police Department said they were unavailable for comment on the incident until Monday morning.

DM had a record number of dancers this year, its 33rd, leading to the split between the Louis Room in Norris and the tent on the lawn.

Zeta Beta Tau and Delta Gamma raised the most funds of any group, with just over $120,000 contributed to DM.

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