ASG Senate Proposes Improvements To CAPS

Elise Foley

Elise Foley

Senators introduced a resolution aimed at increasing resources for Counseling and Psychological Services at Wednesday’s ASG meeting.

The resolution is meant to address problems at CAPS, including long wait times for appointments, said Weinberg junior Kathy Lin, chairwoman of the CAPS student advisory board.

Students often have to wait up to two weeks for appointments because CAPS is understaffed, Lin said.

“It’s definitely noticeable that Northwestern has fewer clinical and psychological resources than other large universities,” Lin said. “With the manpower we have, this is as much as they can handle.”

By bringing a resolution to Associated Student Government, Lin said she hoped the administration would see students care about getting CAPS more resources.

“Having a resolution go through Senate is important to start improving services here on campus,” Lin said. “We want to let the administration know that as students, we feel services are not adequate and we feel they should be improved.”

Senators will vote on the resolution at next week’s meeting.

Three new Executive Board members were also confirmed by the Senate at the meeting. Weinberg sophomore Kyle Jacobson was sworn in as technology director, while SESP sophomore Ren Hargens was named campus public relations director.

Communication junior Kate Pascale was sworn in as external relations director.

Executive Vice President Matt Bogusz, a Weinberg sophomore, said there will be elections next week to fill six vacancies on the Executive Committee.

– Elise Foley