Q&A: Nick Roach

Nina Mandell

By Nina MandellThe Daily Northwestern

Gameday: So I hear you’re from Milwaukee … what’s your favorite type of beer?Nick Roach: I don’t drink beer actually … I dislike the taste.

GD: Seriously, you don’t drink the Beast?NR: No I haven’t but I’ve heard really bad things about it.

GD: So do you read about yourself in the newspaper?NR: Nah, I don’t read the newspaper.

GD: Not even The Daily?NR: Nah, Definitely not.

GD: So what are you majoring in that you don’t have to read the newspaper ever?NR: I major in art. Art theory and practice.

GD:How’d you get into that?NR: Just ever since I’ve been a little kid, I’ve always been into it.

GD: What kind of art do you want to do?NR: I mean whatever, I got a BIP minor too and so I want to apply to the business world and do something in advertising or marketing.

GD: So are you applying to jobs now?NR: Not yet.

GD: But you graduate in June right, you’re not freaking out like the rest of us?NR: I just don’t know too many people who are applying to jobs right now I guess, I just hang out around all my teammates.

GD: So what would you want to do marketing for?NR: I don’t know … probably some type of food maybe. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Eat.

GD: What’s your favorite type of food?NR: Homemade, my mom makes this fried catfish and spaghetti and some hush puppies and cornbread rolls. Amazing. Otherwise I’m a big fan of pizza and like a gourmet sandwich or something.

GD: Do you cook?NR: Nah not really because we usually eat around here.

GD: Who do you live with?NR: I live with Reggie MacPherson and Tonjua Jones

GD: Throwing any crazy parties?NR: Nah, actually our apartment is a nuisance property.

GD: So what do you do for fun?NR: We don’t have a lot of free time really, so we just kinda hang out. We got to a lot of movies though.

GD: Seen any good ones?NR: Aw, yeah, I actually just saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it was really good, more gory than the one that came out a few years ago.

GD: If someone made a movie about you who would you want to play you in it?NR: That’s a good question … Will Smith I guess. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

GD: You ever met anyone famous?NR: I met this one dude from this old movie called, ‘I’m gonna get you sucker’. I met this dude, he was like ‘pimp of the year’

GD: Where’d you meet him?NR: Down in Marquette for some reason.

GD: Did your brother ever play football?NR: Nah … he went to math camp or something. I think he wrestled maybe, somewhere like his freshman year in high school and he managed the basketball team or something like that.

GD: Did you go to math camp?NR: (laughs) No.

GD: Are you lying?NR: No. I never went to math camp.

GD: So what kind of camp did you go to?NR: I went to a lot of basketball camps

GD: So why don’t you play basketball anymore?NR: I don’t know, I’m retired. Football would just take me farther I guess.

GD: If you writing a personal ad what would you say about yourself?NR: I would write six foot black male, loves home cooked meals, and free time.

GD: Do you have any little siblings, cousins, etc?NR: Yeah I have a little sister, she’s 15.

GD: She play any sports?NR: Yeah she plays basketball, volleyball,