Davis’ seat getting hotter (Big Ten Insider)

Michael Schlossberg

Mike Davis’ future as coach at Indiana is in doubt, so much so that Davis even hinted that perhaps he isn’t the best fit for the Hoosiers.

“Indiana needs to have one of their own,” Davis said. “They need to have someone who has played here so they can embrace him. I’m not upset about it. I’m not disappointed by it. I just think they need that because these players deserve better.”

This season had the most promise of any of Davis’ six seasons at Indiana, but after starting 12-3 and climbing as high as ninth in the AP poll, Davis’ team has lost five of its last six games, dropping out of the national rankings and to seventh in the Big Ten. In response, many of the Hoosiers faithful are calling for Davis’ job.

“When you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense,” Davis said. “I’ve been under fire for the last couple of weeks by not just fans but by media as well. We’ve been one game out of first place during that time, and we’ve been ranked in the top 25 during that time. I know a lot of teams in the country that would be happy to be one game out of first and ranked in the country.”

Indiana’s most recent loss came at home against Iowa. Even though Davis missed the game with the flu, Hoosier fans still booed him while cheering for Iowa coach Steve Alford, a former Indiana standout guard.

In Indiana’s home game against Connecticut, many tried to “White Out” Assembly Hall by wearing white in support of Connecticut. According to FireMikeDavis.com, on Saturday there was a “Black Out” at Assembly Hall in support of Iowa, and there are already talks of a “Blue Out” during Indiana’s next home game against Penn State next week.

“When we played Michigan State after they had just lost two games, they were desperate, but not one time did we feel that their fans were not supporting their players,” Davis said. “Even Minnesota, who was 0-6, but not one possession did I feel like their fans weren’t pulling for their team. When you’re ranked and only one game out of first place, it doesn’t add up to me, and if it makes sense to anybody else, then please explain it to me.”

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