From Germany to Evanston, a senior’s last hurrah

ecky Plevin

Becky Plevin: If you had to pick one person on your team to be Homecoming King, who would it be?

Frederic Tarver: I’d say Mark Philmore. Because he’s a pretty boy, receiver, everybody loves him, he has the best hands on our team. He’s just an overall superstar.

BP: If you could be caught on ESPN doing one awesome thing this weekend, what would it be?

FT: I would say, kill shadow on the quarterback, making him fumble, scooping, scoring on a 99-yard return.

BP: So, Halloween is on Monday – do you have a costume for the weekend?

FT: I have been known to go to Halloween parties, but I usually just wear my practice uniform. I just slack off and be a football player.

BP: What’s your best Halloween costume from your childhood?

FT: Leonardo the Ninja Turtle. I was a huge Ninja Turtle fan when I was younger so I used to be Leonardo, my favorite, every single year, I think, from age 5- age 10.

BP: Did you have a full turtle costume?

FT: Yea. Every year I got a new one, when I got bigger.

BP: You’re a double major in communications and art