Businesses offer extra incentives to vote

Nicole Kwan

Most students and Evanston residents who vote Tuesday will go to the ballots motivated to make a choice, not to get a free latte or discounted meal. But some North Carolina businesses are offering such incentives to voters.

In the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham areas of North Carolina, many businesses offered incentives to voters.

According to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, more than 20 businesses in the area are offering voting members of the community extra incentives, such as free champagne, to go to the polls.

In downtown Evanston, the majority of businesses said they are not participating in such programs but others are excited by the suggestion.

“I hadn’t thought of it,” said Unicorn Cafe owner Tracie Dahlke. “I’m totally up to the idea.” Dahlke said she will offer some sort of deal or giveaway to customers who show they have voted.

Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, N.C., is offering a free glass of champagne as a reward to people who voted, said manager Brian Toomey. Toomey called it a “gesture of good will.”

But not all businesses in the North Carolina area took the initiative.

“You ought to be glad that you have the right to vote and I really don’t think we should have to give away gifts to get people to vote,” said Austin Daniel, a general manager at popular Chapel Hill pizza place Pepper’s Pizza.

Frank Xu, a sophomore at Duke University, said he thought the idea provided a strong incentive for students to get out and vote.

Some Evanston businesses also took to the idea.

In honor of the election, Camille’s Sidewalk Caf