Editorial: Jurassic 5 booking might be sign of things to come

A&O Productions finally announced Tuesday what had been suspected for weeks: The first concert of the fall will be Jurassic 5 on Nov. 7 at Patten Gymnasium.

Although the announcement was not particularly surprising, its confirmation serves notice that A&O appears ready once again to book top-flight entertainment on campus. The group was reputed to have fallen on hard times last year, as they held only one free event in the fall, and none in the winter, and when an early spring Snoop Dogg concert was canceled at the last minute.

None of that matters provided groups of the caliber of Wilco and rising hip-hop stars Jurassic 5 keep coming. And they had better keep coming. We’ve been told A&O will announce a second fall quarter concert Nov. 8. If this proves true, all of A&O’s past snafus will be forgotten. A&O is the highest-funded student activity group at NU, and it is essential they do what they are supposed to.

Furthermore, more members of the student body have no excuse not to head out for the Jurassic 5 show: Its synchronized rhyming is unmatched in the mainstream, the show is on a Thursday night and it costs five bucks.

Hey, it’s a lot less than cab fare to and from the Deuce, and tube tops are optional.