“I both regret and value the last 23 hours of my life more than any other time.”

Jason Warren,

Speech sophomore, after dancing for 23 hours

“I’m glad that there are some bright lights and smoke in my face, because I’m told you look like hell.”

Bill Strottman,

father of a son in remission for neuroblastoma, as he told his family’s story to the dancers

“I could use a Mai Tai and a little cabana boy.”

Erin Metz,

Speech junior, soaking her feet in a pool of water while taking a break from dancing

“It was like Disney World. You could buy DM merchandise for all of your friends. It was fucking terrifying.”

Chris Orvin,

Speech freshman and Louis Room committee member

“It sure helped when one of the young kids said, ‘Keep dancing.'”

David Wengert,

Weinberg freshman dancer

“We’re catching on that they’re not just licking the urinals, but actually sleeping in them.”

James Troupis,

Speech junior and dancer relations committee member on regulating the dancers during their bathroom breaks

“This is what I was born to do. If the emcee thing doesn’t work out, I’ll be a foot massager.”

Dave Sears,

Weinberg senior and DM emcee, while helping rejuvenate a dancer through a foot massage

“Steven’s spirit was here in this room for the last 30 hours.”

Jim Newkirk,

Friends for Steven representative and Steven’s father

“It’s already beginning to smell in here.”

Dave Nacol,

DM Executive Co-chairman, referring to the Louis Room after an hour and 15 minutes had passed since the marathon began