ASG to mark sesquicentennial, honor victims of Sept. 11 attacks

Becky Bowman

Associated Student Government will welcome new and returning senators and introduce a bill honoring Northwestern’s sesquicentennial at its first meeting tonight.

The bill will be introduced as emergency legislation so it can be put to a vote in the same Senate session, said Bassel Korkor, speaker of the Senate.

At the first meeting of the year, ASG leaders usually try to introduce a bill that most of the Senate will agree upon, said Korkor, a Weinberg junior. The sample legislation gives new senators a taste of how ASG works, he said.

One positive aspect of ASG this year is that some of the new senators are upperclassmen, Korkor said.

He said he was pleased that students who have already formed an impression of ASG are joining.

“That just means we did a better image job last year, particularly last spring with the new executive board,” Korkor said.

Although ASG has not yet received information about all the senators, Korkor said he expects to have about 55 new and 25 returning senators.

In addition to passing the bill honoring NU’s sesquicentennial, ASG will observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. The Senate also will hear from its advisers, economics lecturer Mark Witte and Assoc. Director of Campus Activities Paul Wolansky.