Participants, beneficiaries savor the last dance at first ever DM post-party

Rani Gupta

One month after Dance Marathon ended, group members hosted their first ever post-party Thursday night in the Norris University Center Louis Room to announce the adjusted total and honor the major contributors.

Unlike the original total, the new total exceeded the 2000 sum.

The final total of $540,275 was $13,818 more than the preliminary total announced at the end of DM. This amount includes both unforeseen expenses and donations received after DM ends.

The large increase in the final total, DM co-Chair Mark Waterston said, was a major reason for the post-party.

“It was such a significant increase that we decided to announce it at a special event,” said Waterston, a Weinberg senior.

The preliminary total announced at the end of DM was $526,457, less than the $537,645 raised last year.

Usually, according to DM Co-Chairman Matt MacDonald, the adjusted total is about equal to the original total because the additional donations are balanced out by the extra expenses.

“This year we kept track of our expenses really well, so we expected what we spent,” said MacDonald, an Education senior. “That means whatever came in went to the charities.”

The main beneficiary, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, received a final check of $393,172, which was $22,581 more than the preliminary total. The Evanston Community Foundation’s adjusted donation increased $1,831 to $31,879.

Waterston said the chairmen decided to hold the post-party because, after the 30 hours of dancing, “DM ends and it feels like there’s no closure at all,” he said. “It’s an anti-climactic event because everyone’s exhausted.”

Katie Bates, a Weinberg senior and the DM merchandise co-chairwoman, said the post-party allowed key participants to be recognized at a time when people were not so tired.

“It lets us recognize top fund-raisers when everyone is in a fully together state,” Bates said. “It’s a nice way to wrap up loose ends and give ourselves another pat on the back.”

During the post-party, DM again announced the organizations, independent couples and committee members who raised the most money and awarded them free shot glasses.

Weinberg senior Susie Spies received recognition because she was part of the couple that raised the most money.

“It was nice being recognized again,” Spies said. “But it’s not as important as the DM executive board being recognized.”

The co-chairmen gave special awards to the people who worked long hours behind the scenes.

The party included a slide show, and shot glasses and commemorative videos were sold.

Ernest Jacobi, a member of the Evanston Community Foundation’s board of directors, attended the post-party and gave a short speech.

“We wanted to thank the dancers again,” Jacobi said. “We do appreciate the support of DM.”