Information fair to give taste of religious life on campus

The Northwestern University Council of Religions will host an information fair 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday in Norris University Center’s Louis Room for students to learn about options for religious life on campus.

Groups will have booths to hand out information and show short videos to educate attending students about their faith.

“It will provide an opportunity for people to go to the fair and not have to worry about a group trying to get them to be on their sign-up list or to pressure them to do anything more than just signing up,” said NUCOR President Jason Renken, a McCormick junior.

He explained that the event is not intended for groups to recruit new members, but to make students aware that the 25 organizations are “thriving and doing well.”

Students are encouraged to come with any questions about the religions.

“Sometimes you have overwhelming questions you want to ask a person of a certain religious group,” said Renken. “But then you are sort of uncomfortable with seeking them out and asking them a question that you might feel is a stupid question.”

Renken said the fair also provides a way for representatives from the different groups to get to know each other and discuss how to co-sponsor events in the future.

Groups will include the Sheil Catholic Center, Hillel, Om, Baha’i Club and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship.

Added Renken: “The primary purpose of the event is for the different religious groups to be very open to anyone who stops by and shows interest in their religious group or fellowship.”