The Daily Northwestern

Letter to the Editor: Asian American Studies still contentious after 20 years

Christine Nguyen

May 13, 2015

On Thursday afternoon, Asian American Studies Program students discovered that someone had torn down the 6-foot banner advertising AASP’s 20th anniversary event held in commemoration of the hunger strike that led to the program’s...

Letter to the Editor: SJP’s ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ is slander

Ross Krasner

May 12, 2015

At Northwestern, anti-Israel rhetoric has continued to escalate well beyond reasonable discussion and is beneath the decorum and dignity of a top university. It shouldn’t take The New York Times to write as they did Sunday that...

Letter to the Editor: Wrestling with realities, striving for a solution

J Street U Northwestern Executive Board

April 29, 2015

At our event titled “Side by Side: Telling Two Narratives,” we at J Street U Northwestern tasked ourselves with presenting multiple narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in our effort to both celebrate and reflect...