The Daily Northwestern

Block 4: U Up?

Julia Esparza, Assistant City Editor

March 10, 2018

For Block 4 dancers dressed in PJ’s – as a person should be during the early 4 a.m. hour. The theme: U up? Was appropriate as dancers began to “hit a wall.” “There is a little bit of a dip in terms of mood. Th...

Block 3: It’s Britney, Block

Clare Proctor and Victoria Lee

March 10, 2018

Stretching into the early hours of Saturday morning, Britney Spears and’s “Scream & Shout” blared into the Dance Marathon tent as dancers kicked off the third block of the 30-hour event. Block 3, themed ...

Block 2: Space Jam

Wilson Chapman and Vy Duong

March 10, 2018

  The Dance Marathon tent lit up as dancers shimmied with their alien headbands bopping in the air. With “Space Jam” as this block’s theme, Communication senior Dee Dee Morrow said she “naturally” had to go all out. In ...

Block 1: Comic Books and Captain Hooks

Alexis White and Caitlin Chen

March 9, 2018

For the 44th year, more than 1,000 Dance Marathon participants ran down the steps of Norris University Center toward a large white tent to begin 30 hours of dancing. During Block 1, participants danced to a mix of superh...